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Joanna Taylor

Training and Private Practice

Joanna is a Fellow of the National Hypnotherapy Society, she is a UKCP Accredited Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapist, an Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Approved Hypnotherapy Supervisor and an INLPTA Certified Trainer of NLP. She is an accredited member of the Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (NLPtCA) and the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), and a member of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA). She also has qualifications in Life Coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She is a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society Supervision and CPD Committee.

As principal of the School of Clinical and Neurolinguistic Hypnotherapy, Joanna offers a National Hypnotherapy Society Accredited Diploma programme in clinical hypnotherapy, as well as programmes in psychotherapy and NLP. She also provides short CPD courses in the UK and Channel Islands, and has recently been invited to present a workshop for the Danish Hypnotherapy Society.

Joanna lives in rural North Yorkshire with her dentist husband, John, and three canine members of staff who all feature frequently in her blog, The Teachings of Dog. She has had articles published in a number of dental and veterinary publications on the subject of stress and burnout.