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Guidelines for the Reflective Practice Written Submission

The written statement has a recommended total word count covering the following:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Describe how you work with clients with reference to the theory / theories that underpin your practice
  • Describe how your understanding of theory has been influenced by your experience of client work

Maximum recommended word count = 1000 words in total

Practice & Supervision

  • Provide case material to demonstrate:
  • How your practice is consistent with your knowledge and understanding of theory
  • How your practice demonstrates your awareness of issues of difference and diversity
  • How you make use of the HS Code of Ethical Practice.
  • Describe the awareness you have gained through reflection in and on supervision
  • Show how you apply that awareness in your practice

Maximum recommended word count = 2000 words in total


  • Describe an experience or an activity which has contributed to your own self-awareness
  • Provide a reason(s) for choosing the experience or activity
  • Show how you use this self-awareness in your practice

Maximum recommended word count = 900 words in total

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Describe one CPD activity that you have undertaken in the last 12 months
  • Explain why you chose this activity and how it has influenced your practice

Maximum recommended word count = 900 words in total

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