National Hypnotherapy Society | Advanced certificate in anxiety…

Organiser: Brian Turner / Debbie Waller

Phone: 0774 330 0894 / 0774 330 0894

Date & Time: 16th June 2019, 9.30am - 5pm

Cost: £160

Location: Trinity Business Park



his course is ideal for qualified/practising hypnotherapists or hypnotherapy students who wish to extend their basic training. It would also work well for other therapists with some knowledge of hypno-therapeutic techniques.

This intensive one-day course covers:

The biology of anxiety - brain chemistry, medical interventions etc.

Understanding and recognising the different anxiety-related conditions.

Effective intakes - a variety of tools and techniques to help you collect and collate the right information to provide effective therapy and measure success.

Psychological explanations of anxiety - how different theories can inform our choice of techniques.

Effective techniques and tools for clients out of trance.

Effective tools and techniques for clients in trance.

You will receive:

Comprehensive information and notes.*

Handouts to use with clients.

Suitable hypnotherapy scripts.

*This is divided into two sections: First, about a month before the course, or thereafter, we'll send you an ebook containing background information and a multiple choice questionnaire which can be handed in on the day of the workshop. We anticipate this will take most people around two hours. Then, at the workshop, you'll be given detailed notes, and a CD/download of resources to use with clients.

The advantages of sending information to you in advance are:

You get to read through the background information in your own time, so we can concentrate on developing practical skills at the workshop.

You benefit from extra CPD hours without having to pay for tutorial time.

The advanced certificate in anxiety management is accredited as CPD by the ACCPH.

Co-authors: Debbie Waller of Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training and Yorkshire Stress Management, an experienced hypnotherapy tutor and author of Their Worlds Your Words, and Brian Turner, is a psychotherapist specialising in working with anxiety and depression, and placement co-ordinator for 'Stamp Out Suicide' (Registered Charity Number: 1171162).