National Hypnotherapy Society | Introduction to NLP: 1, 2 or 4 day…

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a collection of tools and techniques which help us to understand how we think, how our use of language affects how we think and how others understand us, and how all of this affects our behaviours. Drawing on many established areas of psychology, these courses brings together a variety of effective skills and put them into a framework that is comprehensive, accessible and ethical.

This course provides a solid foundation in the philosophy of NLP; introducing some new techniques to help you improve your flexibility and potency as a therapist. NLP is a natural partner for Hypnotherapy and our course is taught from a psychotherapeutic perspective.

From understanding yourself, your personal relationships and your professional relationships, this course will challenge the way you think about your world, and have a positive impact that is empowering for you and your clients.

This course is provided by the School of Clinical & Neurolinguistic Hypnotherapy and is open for all student and qualified hypnotherapists. You are welcome to join us for one, two or all four days; attendance on the complete four day Foundation Skills course entitles delegates to receive a Diploma in NLP, certified by INLPTA.

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