National Hypnotherapy Society | Step Into Your Business

Hi Sarah here, can you relate to any of these questions?

When should I give up work?

What will I call myself?

What will my business look like?

What clients do I want to see?

Where will I get clients from?

How much shall I charge?

Where will I work from?

How will I ever grow my therapy business?

These are certainly the things that held me back when I started out on my journey towards working myself. I felt overwhelmed, scared and worried about how I was going to make it work. So I understand what you are going through.

Step Into Your Business came about because I saw a need for someone to bridge the scary gap between following your passion and the reality of building a business.

Look below to see what myself and my colleague Rachel offer and choose a programme that suits your needs.

We wish “Step Into Your Business” had been around when we were starting out in the industry.