National Hypnotherapy Society | Policy: Full Names and Locations on…

The Society requires that, as a minimum, those who wish to hold a Registrant membership grade must consent for their full name and location to the nearest town on our searchable public Register.

We are able to display other names that Registrants are known by, provided that we also hold the details of their full, official names on record.

Any changes of name must be submitted to the administration team at the earliest possible opportunity so that we can update the Register to reflect the new name. We will require the appropriate official paperwork in order to enact the change, such as a marriage certificate, deed poll certificate, or decree absolute.

Exceptional Circumstances
There may be circumstances where we can choose to not include a Registrant on our online Register. These include but are not strictly limited to:

  • The member or a member of their family would be put at demonstrable risk of, for example, abuse, harassment, physical danger if their name and location were available to the public
  • The member or a member of their family has previously been subject to demonstrable abuse or harassment
  • Court orders, witness protection, or other legal protective circumstances

Members can submit a case for not having their name listed on the Register to the Registration team for review.

Page last reviewed: 06 September 2021
Next review due: 06 September 2022