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Ms Christine Taylor

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HS00T154


Professionally I have worked for 15 years assisting others in self-development within the realms of Education, Social Services, Police and Community Safety always under the umbrella of ‘what people should do’ counselling, mentoring, educating and enforcing ‘the right way’. The limits and frustrations of meeting targets, not enough hours in the working day and forcing others to conform disheartened me and led me to starting up my own business. Look Within: a business where individuals seek out and choose to implement change, where people are encouraged and supported to grow and flourish as best for them, how they deem fit to change, become the best that they can be. Empowered with knowledge whilst unconditionally and genuinely supported with my professional expertise, knowledge base and personal qualities to successfully achieve and lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Utilising my professional knowledge and expertise I assist in human development. Personal and professional lasting change; achieving your goals, your successes and your happiness. Specialising in the field of addictions, Anxiety and weight loss. I have also had much success in assisting children to overcome night time wetting with immediate results after just one session.

  • Qualifications & Experience
    BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Criminology, Qualified clinical hypnotherapist and counsellor, NLP practitioner and EFT practitioner. NCFE Level 2 Nutrition and Health.