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Miss Mellissa Brown

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I was one of the lucky 11 year olds who knew what I wanted to do as a job. I I decided I wanted to be a counsellor to help people, which is cliched but true. At the time that I made this decision I was undergoing counselling myself. My family had been through a trauma and I was having counselling to make sure I was coping with the consequences. At the time I didn’t feel as though I needed the help as I wasn’t the one directly affected, however I realised that one trauma affected us all in very different ways. This is the main reason I do this job, because whatever we all go through, however minor or massive, we all experience things differently and none of us cope in the same way.

My job isn’t to tell you how to deal with things, its not to tell you that you are coping the “wrong” way. My job is to guide you and enable you to find a healthy way of coping, and to give you the tools to be able to overcome obstacles that we all may face in life. The objective is for you to have the tools so you do not need therapy every time an obstacle appears in front of you, you will have the tools to cope yourself.