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Ms Sandra Naden-Horley

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP13-00075

Location: Northampton

My name is Sandra E. Naden-Horley. I am a Registered BrainWorking Recursive Therapy practitioner (BWRT) and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Over the years I have worked with people with many different issues and problems and I always pride myself on offering a bespoke service, only working with the needs of the individual client. This means that I believe wholeheartedly in a client focussed approach and all the therapy I offer is tailor made to suit the presenting problem. I also keep up to date with the practise of hypnosis and other techniques, for example, Brain Work Recursive Therapy, which is the brainchild of the famous therapist Terence Watts, which is now receiving rave reviews from all over the world therefore, you can be reassured that they are only receiving the best therapy and support.

Hypnotherapy as a means of reaching the powerful subconscious mind has been around for 100s of years, being used to help alleviate many conditions and issues a person might face. Now like hypnotherapy, BWRT can do the same. For example, deal with bereavement, assist in the management of the pain associated with childbirth, anti-natal fears and phobias and postnatal depression, also the fear and pain associated with dentistry, surgery, the phobias experienced by some in relation to spiders, snakes, the fear of flying, anxiety and panic attacks, weight management and smoking cessation. So if you want to deal with your hidden issues and need the help of an extremely empathetic practitioner then I am the therapist of choice.

If you are experiencing any of the above or indeed other life crippling issues, you have lived with and now you realise that enough is enough and there must be an answer out there somewhere. Contact me now and I will design a bespoke treatment plan to suit your individual need and your problem with just be a distant memory and no longer define you,
because in this stress-ridden, anxiety filled modern world we all face something out of our control at some time or other and my aim is to assist those who find things getting out of control to claim back that control and once again enjoy life.