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Julie Hindmarsh

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP15-02663

Location: Ryton

… One morning I woke up with a strange tingling down my legs. Of course, I did the worst thing you can do in these situations, I googled the symptoms and within the few weeks that followed managed to convince myself that something serious was going on …
A visit to the GP diagnosed nothing more serious than Restless Leg Syndrome which anyone who has experienced this might agree it is quite unpleasant.
Then I realised, whatever this is, one thing is for certain, my diet and lifestyle need to change and realised that this had been going on for longer than I thought as I couldn’t remember the last time I felt like I had any energy.
I started to read books on fatigue and learned more and more about how food and nutrition can heal the body. This then evolved into an interest in brain health. An interest in brain health evolved into an interest in the mind, the Conscious Mind and the Sub Conscious Mind and of course Hypnotherapy.
But my real passion for hypnotherapy was fuelled part of the way through my training course. My husband had been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia a couple of years earlier after an endoscopy. He was having a particularly bad flare up and as I needed to accrue quite a number of hours practice to pass the training I decided to use him as one of my practice clients. We did a number of sessions over the following weeks.
With it being quite a bad flare up he was referred for another endoscopy during which it was discovered that he no longer had a hiatus hernia.
Of course whether his recovery was because of the power of hypnotherapy or simply coincidence will always remain to be seen but I know what I believe … that the mind and body is capable of healing itself and we all already have everything inside us that we will ever need.

My name is Julie Hindmarsh and I'm a Qualified Hypnotherapist and BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) Registered Practitioner. I have successfully helped many people change their life by stop smoking, achieving their ideal weight and size and maintaining it. I understand that dieting is not a sustainable frame of mind, hypnosis can help you to take control of your weight by changing beliefs and habits and overcome cravings. I have helped people free themselves from phobias and anxiety, including OCD and also resolve sleep problems.
I have trained with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and the Essex Institute. I am a member of the Hypnotherapy Society and I am bound by their strict Code of Ethics and can be found listed on their website. I would love to discuss further with you how hypnotherapy and BWRT can bring about wonderful changes in your life. Please give me a call on 07375 940508 or visit my website www.juliehindmarshhypnotherapy.co.uk. I look forward to talking with you.

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Certificate in Hypnotherapy with Chrysalis Courses
    BrainWorking Recursive Therapy Registered Practitioner
    Inner Child CPD with London College of Clinical Hypnosis
    Working with Children with the Hypnotherapy Society