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Miss Francesca McFadden

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP17-04557

Location: Oxford

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and in my final year of study to become an accredited counsellor. I've also trained extensively, over many years, in t'ai chi, qi gong and yoga. The combination of these pursuits, as well as seeing a therapist myself, helped me to overcome the anxiety and stress which had dominated my life for many years. My own experiences have given me a particular interest in the mind / body connection and is something which I like to explore with my clients.
In my practice, I use all the tools and techniques at my disposal, from years of study and personal development, to help clients to develop compassion for themselves and others, feeling empowered to move forward in their lives. Please visit my website www.openlifetherapy.co.uk to find out more.