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Miss Joanna Celina Zielinska

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP17-04683

Location: Stevenage

I am passionate about human potential and physical and mental wellbeing. I believe that we are unlimited beings and are here to live a fulfilling and abundant life. Often though, we plant ideas in our minds that are restricting, that only create fear and confusion. A lot of the time, others have contributed to this dis-empowering thinking. Through hypnotherapy, we can 're-wire' our mind, or re-learn new ways of thinking that will empower us to make positive changes.
In my life I have brought about amazing changes through working with the power of my mind. Every day I am astounded by the unlimited potential of the human mind. There are countless examples of people overcoming different conditions with the help of hypnosis, CBT, Life Coaching - from limiting beliefs, through phobias, aches and pains, stress, low moods and addictions.