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Chris Filmer-Sankey

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP18-04960

Location: Worthing

I have been a practising registered mental health nurse since 1995- I decided that I would like to learn a new skill and after much research I chose hypnotherapy, as it is an effective treatment for many conditions that I have worked with as a nurse in the NHS. I aim to provide therapy in the clients home as people tend to feel more relaxed in their own environment. Also as I have an interest in pain management, it makes it easier for any clients to be seen at home, as travelling can be an issue.
I also prefer working outside of an office/clinic as I have always worked in the community.
I qualified in July 2016(Cert Hyp CS) I want to work with those experiencing Anxiety, Poor Sleep, Stress, Phobias Low Mood, Low Self Esteem, Future anxiety provoking events, eg Driving Tests, Public Speaking or Exams and Weight loss. I also have an interest in Pain Management as research has shown that hypnotherapy can be very effective in managing chronic long term pain.
During Hypnotherapy the client is aware at all times and will remember the session. Hypnotherapy is not a dark art as portrayed in various films and novels and no one can be hypnotised into doing anything they do not want to do. Many clients report feeling positive and refreshed after a session.