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Nic Wood

Member Status: Accredited

Member No: HYP21-00082

Location: blandford

I am a Mind Body Coach which basically means I help people out physically, mentally and emotionally
I am highly trained in non-verbal communication which I reflect back to you when we're working together.
These insights give you the opportunity to find your own answers and often connect the dots to unravel your own story.
Combining these very personal powerful insights with tools for change, such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, HMP, my clients find themselves getting themselves out of their problem states faster than they anticipated.
I also create and deliver seminars and online programmes for companies. Covering tools for enhanced communication, relaxation and insights into how the mind works.
Sharing mind and body wellbeing in a way thats accessible, simple and applicable.

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Acc
    Body Mind Worker - Hudson Mind Process, NLP, Hypnotherapy
    Bowen Therapist
    Emmett Practitioner