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Mrs Joanna Kordab

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: JK00X1290

Location: Wakefield

“The first time I met Jo, I felt so secure and safe. She is such a wonderful, genuine, caring person who, has helped me to unravel years of significant emotional issues. It was a painful process for me at times but, through Jo’s carefully planned personalised therapy, I now have a stronger emotional core and I am a much happier me!” Helen

Hi there! I’m Jo and I’m a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and founder of BeMe Therapy. I’m passionate about helping and empowering people to improve their quality of life, take care of their mental health, find healthier coping mechanisms when dealing with life changes and daily pressures and to help them reach their full potential and life goals. I am also a Mum of 3 little ones, a wife, and a career woman - and so I completely understand all the pressures and expectations of today's modern world and the HUGE overwhelm that can bring.

Taking that first step and reaching out to a therapist can be a really scary and daunting prospect, so to help you find out more without any upfront commitment, I offer a FREE no obligation discovery call for any individual wanting to make positive changes in their lives! For this, I will provide a safe space for us to talk openly and freely, where you can ask me any questions you may have. We can then look towards how Hypnotherapy can help you to release yourself from self-limiting beliefs, unwanted habits or negative behaviours and reframe your subconscious mind to enable you to live your best life!

During the therapy sessions themselves I work intuitively with each client, guiding and helping them to release and overcome limiting self-beliefs, enabling them to access and discover their inner power, helping and equipping them to realise and unleash their true capabilities. To achieve this I use a variety of client centred bespoke techniques and hypnotherapy treatments, including mindfulness exercises and NLP practices, to empower my clients and to help them to achieve all their goals and aspirations!

One size does not fit all and everyone's mind is different! That’s why I use such a wide variety of techniques, always focusing on my individual client and their specific needs, enabling them to achieve the best possible results that are truly transformative and long lasting!

My treatment programmes are tailored to each individual client and always begin with an in depth initial consultation. This is where I will ascertain your personal requirements in more detail and create a unique treatment plan just for you, as well as giving you the opportunity to experience a confidence boosting deep relaxation. After this, I will develop a programme with you, that is specific to you and your needs, where I will guide you through the whole experience to achieve your goals and reframe any unwanted behaviours you may have.

I can help you manage and overcome all sorts of different issues. From taking control of anxiety to realising everyday stress, from overcoming depression to quit smoking, from
weight management and sugar addition to self-confidence and self-esteem boosting, from letting go of fears and phobias to releasing feelings of chronic and emotional pain, from insomnia and unwanted habits to overcoming a fear of flying or public speaking and so so much more!

I am a registrant member and an accredited practitioner with The National Hypnotherapy Society. I am also accredited, registered and approved by the Professional Standards Authority.

In addition to all the above I also offer specialised Hypnotherapy packages for Hypnobirthing & Fertility, Inner Child Therapy, Corporate Well-being, and Group Guided Relaxation sessions.

I offer Online Therapy sessions via Zoom (UK & International) as well as face to face sessions here in Wakefield West Yorkshire, and I always make sure I treat each and every client with compassion, understanding and complete discretion.

And I very much look forward to helping you be the change you want to be!

  • Qualifications & Experience
    * Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills (Chrysalis)
    * Accredited Practitioner of The National Hypnotherapy Society
    * Registered Practitioner with The National Hypnotherapy Society Register
    * Accredited Practitioner with The Professional Standards Authority Register
    * Post Graduate MA in Design Management - University of Leeds
    * Graduated BTh in Theology - Westminster College Oxford