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The National Hypnotherapy Society is a Learned Society whose primary purpose is the advancement of the knowledge of hypnotherapy and the fostering of professional hypnotherapy expertise through training, accreditation and continued professional development of our members. The Society seeks to contribute to public wellbeing both through the use of hypnotherapy and by ensuring that hypnotherapists are safe, competent and ethical in practice.

The Society plays an important role within the profession of hypnotherapy in the UK and in 2013 the Society was the first (and to date the only) solely Hypnotherapy organisation to gain Accredited Register status with the Professional Standards Authority AR programme.

As an Accredited Register holder we meet the robust and exacting standards set by the Professional Standards Authority with particular emphasis on public safety and assuring that the best interests of the clients are protected.

The National Hypnotherapy Society believes that all Accredited Registers should be seen as equal. To this end, we were instrumental in gaining recognition within the NHS for all Accredited Registers. NHS Employers has added content encouraging the use and detailing the benefits of Accredited Registers.

We are a not for profit organisation and the high standards of our Accredited Register are externally verified by the Professional Standards Authority.

The organisation is bound by appropriate rules of governance including a constitution, codes of ethics, and a complaints procedure.

Our belief is that hypnotherapy is not a stand-alone therapy but one that fits within the wider community of 'talking therapies'. We support and promote hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists, offering a wide variety of benefits to our members and training providers. We also play a role in ensuring that the best interests of the clients of hypnotherapy are protected. We acknowledge that we have a duty of care to the public.

We acknowledge and encourage the diversity, creativity and range of training options that currently exist in our profession.

We seek to involve, encourage and work in partnership with our members at all levels – we believe this is the only appropriate way of running a hypnotherapy organisation.

The HS continues to play a significant role in all aspects of hypnotherapy and related therapies and to welcome members, trainers and members of the public seeking the services of an appropriate professional.

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