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The National Hypnotherapy Society is a not for profit organisation whose primary role is the advancement of hypnotherapy and a part of this role is the support and encouragement of all our training providers.

We believe that membership of a professional association is essential, as it gives confirmation of your professional standing to both your peers and your students and gives your organisation a voice in the future of our profession.

We accredit courses that meet our Training Standards and provide full, mainstream hypnotherapy training that equips graduates to work with clients who present with a range of commonly encountered issues. We also recognise other courses and can offer Quality Checked recognition for individual workshops, shorter foundation courses or distance learning courses or Advanced Specialist training status for courses that are intended to support qualified practitioners to develop their knowledge and training in specialised areas of work.

Training Provider Application Process

All applications must be received on a signed application form with supporting evidence.

Applying for Course Accreditation

For those training courses that have fully demonstrated to the Society high standards of course content and delivery, and are considered to develop students who are safe, competent and ethical to practice. You must demonstrate a commitment to the HS Code of Ethics.

We advise all potential applicants for Accreditation, of courses to first have an informal discussion with the Society in order to assist your application and help you through the process.

Following an informal discussion, training providers should complete and return the 3 documents below.

  1. Complete in full Application Form for Course Accreditation and provide all evidence listed on this page
  2. Society Terms and Conditions – please contact the Society’s Training Standards Team for these, either via email: or call 01903 208126. These will be sent to you and you will need to sign to confirm that you agree to them.
  3. Standing Order Mandate form – complete this form which we will send to your bank to process. The initial payment of £250 is non-refundable.

Fees for accreditation:

For those courses wishing to be accredited, the initial fee is £250 and £200 annually thereafter each renewal.

For courses previously unknown to the Society (e.g. courses whose graduates have never applied for membership), courses recently created, or at the Society’s discretion, the Society may grant a provisional Quality Checked status for a course applying for accreditation (if our standards are met) for one year prior to granting accreditation. This is to enable the Society to audit the quality of the course and its applicants graduating from the course in more depth prior to granting accreditation.

It is expected that Accredited Training Providers ensure that all students join the Society as student members and maintain this membership during training.

On graduation, Accredited Training providers should only confirm that graduates are ready to practice (i.e. through the issuance of relevantly worded internally awarded certificates or Diplomas) if graduates are Society members who are entering the society’s register.

Accreditation may be terminated in any year where the course appears to be inactive, i.e. an insufficient amount of enrolments and/or completions are recorded.

We ask that the course leader from your training organisation apply for and be accepted as a member of the Society. We encourage all your tutors to join us too and if we accredit your course we will ask that a majority of your tutors become individual members of the Society.

Other Levels of Course Recognition

Those courses which do not fully meet the requirements to become an accredited course, the Society offers the opportunity to apply for Quality Checked or possibly Advanced Specialist Training recognition.

Applying for Quality Checked status

This can be considered for anything from individual workshops, shorter foundation courses or distance learning courses.

We can consider individual workshops for CPD purposes on a per workshop basis. You must demonstrate a commitment to the HS Code of Ethics.

For new Training Provider applications we require that courses submitted for Quality Checked status to have been successfully completed by at least one cohort of students. Participant feedback may be requested as part of the application process.

Please complete and return the Quality Checked Application Form or the Online Course Quality Checked Application Form together with the relevant QC Standing Order Mandate below and return them both along with any evidence requested, to the address listed below. Fees for these courses are as follows:

If you are intending to offer your course as both an Online (synchronous) Training course and an in-the-room Training course (providing the course content and assessments are exactly the same for both) each method would need to be assessed and recognised as a separate course.

Fees for Dual Method recognition are as follows:

Up to 1 Day - In-the-room and Synchronous Online £120.00 annually
Between 1 Day and 50 Hours - In-the-room and Synchronous Online £150.00 annually
More than 50 Hours - In-the-room and Synchronous Online £225.00 annually

Applying for Advanced Specialist Training Status

Specialist courses aimed at practitioners who already have a substantial amount of training/qualification may be suitable for Advanced/Specialist training status.

The general criteria for this category are:

  1. The course will be specifically aimed at qualified/experienced practitioners of hypnotherapy.
  2. The course will be recognised by the HS as suitable for established practitioners with a solid grounding in clinical skills and theoretical knowledge.
  3. The course will offer extensive support to practitioners in developing a specialist area of work, for example working with Children and Young People or Supervision of Hypnotherapy.
  4. It will normally contain at least 50 hours of live training in-the-room or via synchronous online learning.
  5. It will include formal assessments which are acceptable to the Society. Examples of such can include but are not limited to: essays; case studies; examination; presentations; supervised client hours etc.
  6. It will normally need to have been successfully completed by at least one cohort of students.

Please complete and return the Advanced Specialist Training Application Form below together with the Advanced Specialist Training Standing Order Mandate and return them both along with any evidence requested, to the below address.

Fee for these courses: £150.00 annually.

Further Information

You will be assigned an individual officer of the National Hypnotherapy Society to help with your application – we want to offer you a high level of personal service from the start. Once you have completed any of the application forms please use the checklists within the forms to ensure that you attach the supporting evidence required.

Send everything through to us at:

FAO Training Standards
The National Hypnotherapy Society
19 Grafton Road
Worthing, West Sussex
BN11 1QT

We recommend using recorded delivery. We will confirm receipt and then process your application (this takes approximately 12 weeks and we will contact you during that period as needed).

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