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Organisational Membership

The National Hypnotherapy Society recognises the importance of supporting a variety of organisations in the key role they have to play within the development of our profession.

We welcome enquiries from organisations who wish to support our work, display our logo and agree to abide by our Code of Ethics. It is important to note that organisational membership does NOT in itself provide a route to our Accredited Register.

Organisational membership allows you to belong to the wider community of hypnotherapists and ensures that you are aware of the different issues that affect our profession.

If you are a training provider interested in assessment of your courses, please visit the Training Provider Membership section of the website.

Other types of organisations with whom we work include:

Awarding bodies

We are happy to work with awarding bodies who provide qualifications in hypnotherapy. We can assess qualifications which are at an appropriate Ofqual level and may be able to provide holders of such qualifications a more straightforward route to our Register. We currently have such an arrangement with AIM Awards.

Membership organisations

We are happy to talk to organisations which run their own accreditation schemes for hypnotherapists. In some circumstances a more straightforward route to our Register may be possible.

We welcome applications from charities, voluntary groups, agencies, clinics and not for profit organisations as well as commercial organisations.

How to apply:

To apply for Organisational Membership please complete the following form:

HS Organisational Membership Application Form

  • Annual membership for charities, voluntary or not for profit organisations is £100
  • Annual membership for commercial/profit making organisations is £200

As an organisational member of the HS we ask you to agree to abide by the Society's Code of Ethics - this demonstrates to your peers and the public that your organisation is committed to safe and ethical practice.

If you have any queries please contact the Society via:

Trusted Resource

If you run, for example, a library of hypnotherapy related resources for hypnotherapists then do get in touch with us, as we may be able to offer you Trusted Resource recognition. Please note that this can't be applied to training courses, regular training events, or any activities that would otherwise require training recognition. It can be applied to things like short, one-off lectures, journal article/reference libraries, guest speaker events etc. There are a few other requirements, so if you're interested in looking into this please do get in touch with us!