National Hypnotherapy Society | Outcome of complaints

In this section the Society gives details of the outcomes of any complaints made against members.

  • There is a summary of the complaint
  • The member's details
  • The outcome of the investigation
  • The details of sanctions imposed
  • Details of suspension of membership
  • Details of termination of membership

Approximate time scales for the complaints process

  • Acknowledgement of receipt within 5 working days
  • Review of initial information up to 4 weeks (at each stage where further information is sought from either party they will be notified of time limits for responses)
  • Review of initial complaint up to 12 weeks
  • Review by Assessment Panel up to 12 weeks
  • Independent Panel Hearing within 6 – 9 months from the date of the Assessment Panel Decision (dependent upon the availability of both parties to the complaint and support persons)
  • We aim to complete complaints cases within nine months.

Publication Policy

The Societies complaints procedures seek to be open, transparent and proportionate and the outcome of the IP hearing will be published on the Societies’ website at the conclusion of the hearing.

Sanctions issued by either the Assessment Panel for minor breaches of the Code of Ethics or by the Independent Complaints Panel following a formal complaints hearing will be published on the Societies’ website

The publication of such decisions provides information about the standards expected of registrants (and members); assists clients to make informed choices and helps to maintain public confidence in the Accredited Register programme.

We aim to strike a balance and consider the rights of both clients and registrants and take account of the risk of any harm that may arise from the disclosure or non-disclosure of information

Details of sanctions will appear as an annotation to a registrant’s online register entry with a link to the ‘Outcomes of Complaints’ section of the website where further details will be recorded.

This information will be published on the websites for the period of the sanction – and will be recorded internally on the member’s file.

If a sanction is not fulfilled then that information will be published on the Society website.

If there is no sanction then no information will be published on the Society website

When the sanction has been fulfilled this information will be published on the Societies website and recorded on the member’s file

In cases where a member is removed from the register, the published decision will remain on the website for a period of five years.