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Harbour Housing

Harbour Housing provides supported accommodation and outreach services across Cornwall for those who experience, or who are at risk of, homelessness and rough sleeping. We also operate numerous services including a specific accessible pathway dedicated to hospital discharge patients who haven’t got anywhere else to go and safe accommodation for women escaping domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Harbour specialises in helping people with complex needs who often face barriers when accessing accommodation, these include addiction, mental health issues and pet ownership. As a key part of our person-centred approach, Harbour staff facilitate a wide variety of opportunities so that residents can not only develop important skills to help in their progression towards independent living, but to also gain confidence and have fun.



Telephone: 01726 74186


The practice of working with private clients has changed over the last 2 years. Online

consultations have become more normal and digital tools make it easier and safer to work in this

way too. With more change on the way in UK, we are here to provide the safe digital space

therapists and clients need for a safe and thriving business.

isosconnect is a UK platform that simplifies the administration of private practice, specifically for

the solo therapist. We have built these services hands-on with practitioners and will continue this

way of working. We are a team of digital health and practicing health professionals, all here in UK

and our platform has been made to help every area of your business.

Automated Booking, Easy Scheduling, Integrated Video and Complete Client Management.

Subscription options

No contract, and if you do want a break, then isosconnect keeps your access to your client

records for free - zero cost – forever.

isosconnect specialist: £15.99 per/month isosconnect premium: £34.99/month

• Automated booking includes your own booking page which can be used in any online

instance – your website, FB page or directory. You can manage live availability and

take bookings 24/7

• Easy Scheduling means you have an isosconnect calendar and can also integrate other

calendars for your whole world in one place. Send appointments in seconds.

• Integrated video that is secure in your own digital safe place, that a client can join with

just one click! Screen Sharing, Chat function and Group Calls all available

• Complete Client management is a client record and notes with searchable notes, a task

management system and the ability to upload and store files compliantly.

To get started visit :

We also provide an internal Directory, where you can reach other practitioners for collaboration or


We are here to support the UK therapist workforce, alongside other health and well-being

professionals to build the tools and services you need.


Discount available for HS members


Paranimo is an innovative startup that helps HR managers of SMEs to improve employee mental wellbeing by matching them to the right support, powered by our matching intelligence and an AI driven organisational network analysis. We believe everyone should get access to the right mental health support and feel empowered to live a happy, healthy and productive life.

0333 090 1772