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Some of our most frequently asked questions relating to finding a course can be found below.

I am not sure which course to choose – can the Society recommend one?

All the courses listed in this section have been either quality checked or accredited by the National Hypnotherapy Society. The Society cannot recommend a specific training provider or course and we advise you to take time to research all courses to help you make a decision.

How can I find out about getting financial help to buy a course?

We would advise you to contact the training provider you are interested in – they can advise on any grants or funding that may be available.

I am confused by all of the different types of qualifications – where do I start?

There are many different routes to becoming a hypnotherapist. Do take time to look at the content of each course and ensure it ties in with your future plans. If you know what you want to do in the future find out what qualifications you will ultimately need and then work back from there.

I have been told that I must do a course that is regulated – what does this mean?

Hypnotherapy is not regulated in the UK – and there are currently no plans for statutory regulation. The National Hypnotherapy Society holds an accredited register under the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers programme.

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last reviewed 01/06/2021

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