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As a professional association for hypnotherapists, The National Hypnotherapy Society is committed to promoting and providing high standards in the practice of hypnotherapy.

We understand that the people using the services of hypnotherapists who are members of the HS may have a range of different issues and a range of experiences of working with these members.

We welcome all comments from people using the hypnotherapy services provided by our members and see them as helpful to our continuing improvement of standards. We are interested in all experiences of clients, both positive and not so positive and believe that this information can help us plan positive future guidance for all of our members - and for clients.

We encourage feedback through informal conversations or by email, phone or letter. If you would like to contact us about something that it is not a complaint please do so here.

If you have any concerns or would like to make a complaint about a member please contact us. If you would prefer to speak to an officer of the Society please phone: 01903 213683 (This number is available Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.00pm). Alternatively please email

We want to ensure that everyone is able to communicate with the Society and we will accept different methods that allow you to access the complaints procedure. For example we can accept an audio file, braille versions of forms, or you can nominate another person to communicate on your behalf. An officer of the Society will be pleased to discuss these and other ideas with you.

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