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No matter what stage you're at in your journey - whether you're just starting out at the beginning of your training, or if you've been in practice for many years - there are many ways in which your membership with the Society can directly benefit you and the work you do.

From resources, to discounts, to free CPD, to the support of our friendly and knowledgeable team, there's so much for you to enjoy.

We recognise that our members are people, not numbers, and that your membership with us is a partnership where we are here to learn and grow through your expertise and passion.

We also work hard to uphold and promote the Professional Standards Authority's Accredited Register programme to demonstrate to Government, employers, and members of the public, advocating for hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists and ensuring greater opportunities for paid work.

What’s it costing you not to be a member?

Have your voice heard

Our members have a direct voice in shaping the Society's policies, and are consulted on all key decisions we make. Our members are our expertise, and we're proud to be a member-led organisation.

Great value

We keep our membership costs low by ensuring that everything we do at our head office is streamlined and sensible. We're environmentally friendly, with over 99% of our work now being done online (we do offer paper versions for those who don't have access to the internet or a computer). We're accessible, with a library of text-only and audio-recorded resources that we're building on constantly. For the cost, we offer a great deal to our members.

Grow your practice

We have a wealth of resources that will support our members in growing their private practice, including comprehensive and easy-to-read guidance on a variety of relevant topics, discounts on your insurance, discounts on accountancy software, advice about lone working and more