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Carol Williams

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: CW00P2016

Location: Rochester

Hello and welcome, my name is Carol Williams. I am an accredited and certified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and counsellor. I work and support people who are victims of fear, phobia, emotional difficulties, lack of self-esteem, and confidence. I qualified 7 years ago, with Chrysalis, went onto continue my development KICH (Kent institute of clinical hypnosis lysis, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.)
My practice is completely confidential, I adhere to a professional code of conduct and I am fully insured with tower ate insurance.
I am very passionate about my practice and one of the nicest aspects of my work and therapy is the wonderful relaxation people experience when they visit me.

  • Qualifications & Experience
    I qualified many years ago with Chrysalis went onto develop my knowledge with KICH ( Kent institute of Hypno analysis hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

    Qualified with Rapid Pain Elimination and Mind Mediation, cutting edge therapy where old programmes running in your Unconscious mind are removed and the latest version of programmes are installed and activated to enable you to have the life you want. These programmes are old programmes you don’t need anymore and are not serving you a purpose anymore. So you don’t need them. They are just slowing you down and responsible for you feeling the way you do, blocking any change, so you feel stuck and any good intentions you are trying to make just get stopped by your Unconscious mind .

    I am also qualified in FREE SPA ADDICTION programme ( freedom from substance abuse ). This can be anything from Sugar to smoking, drinking, gambling and More addictive substances such as heroine .

    Slim4sure4ever Weightloss programme. Loss weight with my programme and feel the health benefits straight away. Ongoing support monthly.

    I am registered with the association for professional hypnosis and psychotherapy (APAH) and national college hypnosis and psychotherapy (NCP)
    I am also a member of the national hypnotherapy society.