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Deborah Marshall-Warren

Member Status: Fellow Accredited

Member No: DM00P300

Location: London

I followed my heart into the healing arts of hypnosis and therapy. Perhaps one could say I was guided? Or even that I had a calling? The events leading up to my encounter with hypnotherapy and my meeting my teacher, were spiritual in nature and on occasion surreal. All of my background within the educational and corporate realms - first as a schoolteacher and then as a designer of corporate training materials gave me the benefit of a broad-based understanding of people from contrasting backgrounds. Surprisingly, I found that the same core problems affected people across the board. The youngsters whom I taught at the London College of Dagenham, in Essex, lacked confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief, in the same way as the CEO of a corporation who was carrying a 'life sentence' that had kept her in a self-imposed 'mental prison' for twenty or more years.
I love my work, and after some twenty-five years, I still feel humbled by the outcome of a session, and in awe of the dramatic changes as people 'grow their wings', and emerge in ways that are freeing, empowering, and expansive.
I consult with clients from many parts of the world, and some even fly into London to see me. My biggest surprise was when a young Russian client flew to Thailand for a combined visit to see me for hypnotherapy and to have a sailing holiday. People describe me as gifted and empathic, and I know I am trusted to tell clients when they no longer need to come for sessions. (Sadly some therapists keep clients coming along longer than they really require.) Be reassured that this journey together is going to be precise and specific, and is going to take between three to five sessions of approximately ninety minutes in duration.
My track record was recognised in February 2003, when I was awarded an Emeritus Fellowship of the National Hypnotherapy Society (UK) in acknowledgement of my “outstanding contribution to promoting and championing contemporary hypnosis and therapy in the United Kingdom”. Throughout my career, I have authored three books as well as published a number of spoken-word recordings on CDs.
My consultations are like a hypnotherapeutic choreography, and (if I may switch metaphors) offer a potent source of nutrition for the mind. Hypnosis and therapy help with blushing, stammering, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, excess weight and eating disorders, insomnia, stress, confidence, and smoking, depression and fears of all kinds.
Whatever is on your wish-list, my form of interactive hypnotherapy can really shift you towards success and help you in transformative change for your positive benefit. You are in control of the process at all times. You get to choose the words or phrases that best reflect your experience of yourself, and then you get to choose - as your inner personal coach - the words and phrases that express how you really, really want to be. These opportunities to participate in the therapeutic process illustrate the driving force that you play in a session. You can use hypnotherapy as a springboard from which to jump into the Law of Attraction with both feet – being very clear and confident about what you genuinely want.
I have clients presenting with a variety of issues, which I listed earlier. If you can think of it, you can use interactive hypnotherapy to change it. And even when you are not quite sure of what you really want, but you nevertheless have a bad feeling that how you are now is not quite ‘right’, hypnotherapy can be the best form of personal coaching through which you can choose to invest in your life.
In 2011, on the 11th November at 11.11 am, I gave a highly regarded talk as part of the TEDx series.