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Fiona Latif

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: FL00X563

Location: London

****Helping many happy clients achieve rapid and transformational results - see testimonials below****

Throughout the years of Hypnotherapy research, study and practice, I am able to assist clients with a range of issues including (but not limited to):

Smoking - Weight Control- Fears and Phobias - Anxiety - Stress - Panic Attacks - Depression - Addictions - Sleep and Relaxation - Motivation - Achieving Goals - Childhood Issues - Career Issues - Drinking - Exams - IBS - Nerves - Self-Esteem, Concentration, Complusive Behavior etc.....(issue not here? Get in touch.....)

After spending over 18 years in the investment banking/corporate industry, I have taken the grounding of organizational skills, structure, professionalism and, combined with my passion for Hypnotherapy, look for innovative ways to enhance the lives of my clients.

The processes I utilize help rewire stagnant, negative beliefs and behaviors by implementing positive psychological strategies with lasting results.

I also practice Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which is a pioneering new method (developed by Marisa Peer) that has proven to help achieve outstanding, effective and lasting results by identifying the root cause of any potential issue. Once we understand the root cause and what purpose it's serving you, we use specific methods and techniques to powerfully remove them - once and for all.

If you want to discuss further - we can set up a 30 min discovery call to go through any questions you may have.

I look forward to help you make positive, powerful lasting change.

*Please see the below for testimonials from happy past clients*

'The experience really helped me understand how my past effected my current behavior and therefore helped me to be more in control of the times when current events triggered more significant emotions from the past - it was amazing and Im so grateful!' - @charloote5

'My session with Fiona was so much more than I expected. Her confidence and ability created the space for me to feel completely safe. I highly recommend her- she has the power and the compassion to change lives!' - Carli Jeffery, Canada

'I had x2 sessions with Fiona for Anxiety and the second session really helped me hone in and to reinforce rational thinking. Worrying about not been good enough has been a long running theme. These sessions have taught me my emotions are valid. Thank you Fiona for helping me stop these fearful and anxious thoughts' - Miss C Thompson, London, UK

' I had a wonderful session with Fiona which helped me uncover big blocks that stood in the way of progressing in an important area of my life. She guided me skillfully through some old thought patterns and helped me realist they had no use, nor power in my current life. The feeling of relief and motivation I felt to move faster towards my goal are priceless. The professionally made recording was just the icing on the cake. Thanks Fiona and I wish you many, many more happy clients' - Ella, Germany

'I had a great hypnotherapy session with Fiona about skin issues Ive been having since I was a teenager. Fiona helped me uncover connections that were surprising and eyeopening. My skin condition has drastically improved in just a few weeks. I have been listening to the recording you made me everynight too. I just love it! - Thank you so much Fiona!' - N Falconer, 34, France

'Fiona is an extraordinary therapist. What she has done for me is phenomenal. Her therapeutic skills are exceptional. She has completely changed how I feel right after one session. Thank you so much!' - Nic Sasipat, Thailand

'My session with Fiona was excellent. Fiona confidently guided me to feel completely safe and relaxed a we found the root cause of my lack of confidence in business. We did the session via Zoom and it absolutely worked! Fiona tailor-made an extremely powerful transformation recording for me - it has helped me immeasurably and I can feel and see the difference in my daily and work life! Thank you Fiona you are amazing!' - Louise R, UK

'Fiona put me at ease immediately which was great as I had never experienced Hypnosis before. It worked surprisingly well over Skype. I would definitely recommend Fiona to family and friends' - S. H. Epple, UK

'I had x2 sessions with Fiona - the first was to understand the difficult relationship with my ex-husband, the second to focus on my future. Both times I received a personalized recording to keep and Fiona checked in on me regularly. Its been a month now and I feel wonderful, I feel empowered, I feel free and excited about what's in store for the future. Four different people commented on how well I look. My experience was personal, powerful, enlightening and effective. I can't thank Fiona enough' - Julie, London, UK

' I had a wonderful experience undergoing therapy with Fiona. She did a great job putting me at ease and helping me with my problem. One session was enough and the recording I left with definitely helped.I definitely recommend approaching Fiona when ready for a change. She can definitely be of assistance in reaching your desired goals' - Chantal K, Italy.

'I had a few situations in my life where I realized that I don't feel well when good things are happening to me. I actually got quite fearful in those situation and when I realist I care about something I start to fear very deeply that I will lose it. So I decided to work with Fiona. The session was very deep and profound. I had a number of realizations and insights about why I felt that way. Immediately after the session I felt liberated and optimistic about my life. I would definitely recommend working with Fiona as Im sure it will be the most liberating experience of your life. Thank you Fiona!' - L Basrek, 33, Croatia

' I saw Fiona to help me stop smoking. It really was an eye-opening experience and I wasn't prepared for how much it has changed my whole life - for the better. So Thank You! p.s....have lost 4kg so far so am really happy. Thanks so much for helping me xoxo' - Cath Latham, New Zealand.

'Fiona helped me with my insomnia. The experience was very good, you were excellent, always underlying causes which you brought to the surface. You are very thorough, lots of support and follow up. Overall - very positive' - T. Philips, Dubai, UAE

' I came to see Fiona to stop smoking and it worked. One session was all it took. Its been 6 months and Ive survived COVID-19 lockdown without a single cigarette. I had been smoking for 14 years and could really see it was starting to affect me - and I couldn't wait to stop. I would absolutely recommend Fiona if you want to stop smoking once and for all.' - Samer Mahjoub, Dubai, UAE

' A powerful experience which helped a couple of deep seated issues really shift. The recording was fantastic and I will keep using it. Overall it was a deeply powerful and positive experience and I felt extremely well held and empowered by you.' - Kat K, London, UK

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Dip Hyp CS MHS (dist) is a graduate of the Chrysalis Institution and has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills awarded with Distinction in 2012.

    - Professional member of the National Hypnotherapy Society - Dip Hyp CS MHS (distinction)

    - Accredited member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) - May 2012

    - EFT Practioner - AAMET, K2 Empowerment Partnership - Nov 2012

    - Working with IBS Workshop - National Hypnotherapy Society - Nov 2012

    - Anxiety Masterclass - National Hypnotherapy Society - Feb 2013

    - Addictions Masterclass - National Hypnotherapy Society - Jan 2021

    - Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) - practitioner, hypnotherapist and RTT coach since Jan 2019

    - Member of International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) - Oct 2020