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Mrs Kim Davies

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP14-00886

Location: Welling

I am a qualified Rapid Transformation Therapy Hypnotherapist and was trained by Marisa Peer. I am also a trained KG Hypnobirthing teacher. I am passionate and love to help people change their lives for the better. People often think they don't have enough willpower and that is why they can't or don't succeed, but willpower is not the problem. Our problems are emotional/psychological and are down to the thoughts that we are thinking. I understand and know what it feels like to not feel good enough, to feel what I want in life is unavailable to me. I struggled with this for years but I made emotional and psychological changes by changing my thinking from the inside out and started to realise that I am good enough and .
I see a lot of success that what I want in life is available to me. I feel very privileged in what I do, to be part of someone's Transformational journey. I believe everyone deserves to feel good enough, happy, confident, and content with their life. You know what you need, how to change and I just help you get there and I love it.