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Mrs Amanda Beattie

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP14-00984

Location: Spalding

My name is Mandy and am a qualified hypnotherapist and i work from my home environment in a comfortable and relaxing log cabin, are you looking to improve your well being and make positive changes to your life styles. Working from homemeans I offer a discreet, calm and relaxed enviroment where you can feel safe and know you're not going to bump into someone you know.

I have experienced personal issues and how therapy can help with all the emotional issues surrounding your everyday life, and how stress and anxiety can create not only issues within you own personal life but others too, and also notknowing where the problems have arisen from. Emotional, stress and anxiety issues, left untreated, can affect other areas of your life preventing you living the life you would like too and can have an affect on your future too.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation which makes us more open to positive suggestions, and will help guide you to a positive outcome that will help in your future life.

With patience and empathy, i have worked with adults and children experiencing stress, anxiety, emotional based issues and I experience in this area including stress,anxiety,fears, addictions,phobias and panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy also support's people's well-being and I can also offer hypnotherapy for weight loss and to quit smoking for a healthier and happier life without the added effects of stress.

Through the combination of positive psychotherapy and hypnotherapy your sessions will be relaxing, positive and an enjoyable experience. With the knowledge and skills acquired during our sessions, you will then be able to understand whyyou are feeling the way you do and learn about how to react and tackle situations in your life. I can help you to look at your brain and thought patterns in order for you to feel more mentally stronger, confident, calmer and back in control.

I can offer you help with many physical and emotional conditions.
Anxiety, Confidence, Self esteem, Stress,
Weight Loss
Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritus, migraines
Relationship Issues
Sleep problems
Fears and Phobias