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Sally Howard

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP15-02188

Location: Cranleigh

I live and work in Cranleigh. I find working with the subconscious mind absolutely fascinating and really enjoy being able to help people resolve their issues and reach their goals. I take the profession and my position of trust very seriously and I would like to reassure you with the knowledge that you can talk freely to me in confidence, in a friendly environment and without judgement.
Any treatment will be designed individually to suit you and your personal circumstances. Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking or improve your performance. Or, if you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or are in pain, I could help you. Whatever your problem, why don’t you give me a call or email me so that we can take the first steps towards your brighter future?

Why I believe I can help you:-
I have a range of techniques I can use to help you as I have invested much time and money in my professional development. When we first talk we will determine the most effective approach to best suit you and the changes you want to make.

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Anxieties, Fears and Phobias
Using hypnotherapy can work well for anxieties, fears and phobias and I have had great success with these using the OldPain2Go® methodology too. Clients I have helped have had a wide range of issues and they themselves have described them as silly or weird. I think that is unfair. Whatever the issue it is very real to you and therefore deserves to be taken seriously.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
The technique I use for PTSD is extremely effective in dealing with past memories which still bother you in the present day. I am able to do this without the need for you to go into great details of the event/memory. This means less upset and minimal personal disclosure.
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Pain Reduction or Removal
OldPain2Go® refers to pain from an injury or a condition that has been diagnosed by a medical professional and is being treated with pain relief medication but can also refer to emotional pain, anxiety, fears and phobias.
This fantastic methodology is not hypnosis as no trance is needed. The methodology is based on how the brain processes things and I will guide you through each step of the way: getting the conscious and the subconscious aspects of the mind to talk to each other with me as an intermediary.
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Weight Reduction and Maintenance
For weight reduction, I can use a series of hypnotherapy sessions or the Hypno-Gastric Band method.
I believe it is important to deal with the habits that cause people to put weight back on as well as keeping an eye on their target.

Stopping Smoking
An Initial Consultation of approximately ninety minutes will be required before a one-off Therapy Session which will also take about ninety minutes. My hypnotherapy is tailored completely to the individual, your personal circumstances, preferences and desired outcome.

And so much more ...
Sometimes lists are not helpful. Just because the one thing relevant to you is missing doesn't mean that I can't help you!

If you have any questions about how I can help you please email me -

What to expect when you contact me
Whether by phone or email I will gather a little information from you initially and answer any questions you may have. We will then work out the best technique to suit you and I will explain the pricing structure and length/number of sessions required. We can then book an appointment and I will email you a form to complete. This can be done by opening it in Word, completing and emailing back to me or by printing it, filling in by hand and bringing it with you to your first appointment.
Whatever technique I am using I will always explain my plans to you beforehand. We will work together to be sure of a clear understanding of the desired outcome and how this will be achieved. Your comfort and safety are of the utmost importance. Even in a very relaxed trance state, you will still be aware of your surroundings and the sound of my voice.
Appointments are usually at my consultation room in Cranleigh which is up two flights of stairs. Home visits within 12 miles of Cranleigh may be possible. Online sessions over Zoom have been extremely successful.

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  • Qualifications & Experience
    I originally qualifying with an AIM Awards Level 3 Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills (QCF). I am constantly improving and developing my hypnotherapy skills with Continual Professional Development Courses. These have included:
    • Working Directly with Trauma
    • Hypno-Gastric Band
    • Mindfulness
    • The Brain and Therapy
    • KG Hypnobirthing
    • OldPain2Go® Methodology
    My favourite qualification is becoming an OldPain2Go® Practitioner, this is a wonderful methodology that not only can reduce or totally remove pain, it works well with phobias, anxiety and many other issues. An amazing tool that I have used to help many people with fantastic results.
    I hold a Basic Disclosure Certificate and have Professional Civil Liability Insurance and I am a Professional Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society and undertake to abide by their code of practice and ethics. I am on an Accredited Register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.