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Mrs Catherine McLeod

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP15-02842


I have worked all my life in education and I am an Assistant Head at a Special School. My work there has prepared me in many ways for my work as an Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.
The basis for my work is the individual as we are all unique, our different experiences and responses have shaped us.
The work that I do will be grounded in your own experiences and will be very much led by you.
It is important for you to feel relaxed, safe and open.
I am responsible for wellbeing and safeguarding at school. I am a qualified Senior leadership mental health champion and regularly attend courses which cover all elements of mental health from trauma, PTSD, to eating disorders.
Working within Complex needs I also have an understanding of mental health and the link with other health conditions.
This has given me an insight into how difficult it is for Carers and the very different stresses that they go through.
I am also the lead professional for Safeguarding and have an indepth understanding of the different areas of abuse and the short and long term impact.
These are skills that I feel I bring to my practice along with the capacity to be non judgmental, nurturing but empowering.