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Natalie Kelly

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Member No: HYP16-03073

Location: BENFLEET

Depending on why you have come into hypnotherapy has a great emphasis on how I work with you.
My first session is more about getting to know what you need. As I'm also a counsellor, it maybe the first session becomes more of a counselling session. Many clients come to me for anxiety, stress or self esteem, and they find themselves talking and not wanting to stop talking. It's a relief for many, just to be able to voice their feelings and be listened too. Many weight loss sessions take this approach. There can be an underlying reason why someone needs to comfort eat!

However, many hypnotherapy sessions will be basic suggestions that I plant into the clients subconscious mind, obviously with their help on the positive affirmations they feel they need, for instance fear of flying, or public speaking, or interview techniques.

Regression - this is always very interesting for the client. It could be that the client has a continuous feeling of unease, or anxiousness, or sadness. Regression can help piece the puzzle together. I help clients to go back to a time where they first had that feeling. They explore it safely, and time is given at the end to talk about their journey. This could lead into counselling, or another regression session.

Some people start off with counselling and want to experience a specific event in their life. Regression can take them back to the event, ONLY if they are ready. The mind will never go where it doesn't want to. You are always in control.