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Clare Rusby

Member Status: Accredited

Member No: HYP16-03473

Location: Southport

So, why hypnotherapy? .... Because I love the way Hypnotherapy changes lives for the better. I want to make a difference to people who are looking to make changes whether it be weight loss, stopping smoking, phobia's or other irrational fears, anger management, public speaking, driving test or exam nerves, It could be something as simple as wanting to be able to concentrate more and be more focused on goals. There is nothing that hypnotherapy cannot help with.

Small changes are the best sometimes, for example, rather than try and stop yourself eating anything that is bad, just try and eat healthier say 5 nights out of 7 but do not beat yourself up over a pizza or a takeaway one night a week. If you deny yourself totally, this leads to misery and a higher chance of failing to make the changes you want to make.

I have a particular interest in stress and anxiety and what it does to the body and the mind. Some stress is good for us, it's what gets us out of bed and focused in the morning but too much stress affects a persons physical as well as mental health. A large percentage of the population suffer with chronic stress or anxiety. Stress is our bodies natural reaction to fear and change. Our subconscious, which is responsible for our survival, sends us into fight or flight mode when it perceives a threat to us. Unfortunately, it does not differentiate between genuine life-threatening danger and every day occurrences such as a meeting with the boss or being late for work.

Symptoms of stress are:
- not sleeping well
- gaining weight, especially around the abdomen even when eating well and exercising
- more prone to infections and colds
- increased backaches, neckaches and headaches
- gut/digestion issues
- mood swings, anxiety and depression
- lack of libido

If you think you are suffering from too much stress and/or anxiety take a look at my website which goes into a lot more detail about what stress does to the body and the mind and how it damages us but also how it can be made better.

The good news is that stress and anxiety are easily treatable with hypnotherapy. You will be taught relaxation techniques and coping strategies to really make a difference to your day to day life, both personally and professionally.

If there are any concerns or problems which don't fit under anything I've mentioned here, contact me and let's talk. There will be a solution to your problem, we just need to find it.