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Heather Brandt

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP17-04535

Location: Greenwich SE7 [Blackheath, Lee, Lewisham, Brockley, Catford, Dulwich, Deptford]

My name is Ava H. Brandt. I practice as a hypnotherapist(counsellor) in London (south east). As a member of the NHS [National Hypnotherapy Society] and NCS [National Counselling Society], I am vetted and required to work to professional standards as stipulated by the Professional Standards Association.

My hypnotherapy treatments are person-centred essentially. However, may encompass a range of techniques to accommodate the requirements of my client. I aim to get to know my clients well before using researched-based techniques along with personal creativity to design a plan of treatment.

My ultimate aim is to enable my clients to feel confident about their future without therapy; to assist them in managing their own thought processes, help enable a positive outlook and increase degrees of calm and relaxation.

If you are feeling anxious (eg. about public speaking), stressed (eg. due to a work situation), fearful (eg. of pain/childbirth), a sense of addiction (eg. to smoking or food) make a change today - contact me to talk it through and ultimately make a change to your life - You deserve it!