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Helen Downs

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP17-04704

Location: Verwood

Having initially qualified as a Radiographer over 20 years ago I have experience in working with clients in various clinical settings.
This has included assisting clients who
are living with dementia and those with various other additional needs.
As a Hypnotherapist I am able to draw on these experiences and interactions and, therefore, provide an empathetic, holistic, client centre approach.
I have a particular interest, and personal experience, in managing Anxiety ( social and general ) Self Esteem and Confidence and Stress Management.
"I initially qualified as a Diagnostic Radiographer and spent many years working in busy departments including being the manager of an MRI unit where I found that I utilised my ability to actively listen and engage with people effectively and easily. I then progressed into working with people living with dementia and assisted them with the many challenges they and their families face.
I have a particular interest, experience and addictions qualifications in Anxiety- social and general, PTSD and Trauma and the myriad of emotions, difficulties and experiences this generates for my clients.
I have personal experience in neurodiverse individuals both personally and professionally and the anxiety which often manifests in this.
Qualifying as a Hypnotherapist counsellor and then as a Psychotherapist has consolidated my experiences, understanding and ability to effectively assist people with their presenting issues. I have a particular interest, personal and professional experience in addictions and Trauma in its various states from childhood through to more recent events.
I also work closely with the LGBT+ communities and clients in assisting them with the issues they face both now and historically with regards to Identity, Gender, and sexuality questioning and also through their journeys and transitions.
I believe passionately about the therapy fitting the clients needs and have acquired and developed additional qualifications to ensure that the tool box is well equipped to assist in achieving the clients best outcomes including Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Person Centred, CBT, and NLP
Using my professional and personal experience in a diverse range of areas I have developed into an empathetic client centred therapist who is able to work with clients with a varying range of issues. Assisting clients in the discovery, exploration and development of their authentic self is an empowering process for the clients and is a privilege to be part of their journey."

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Bsc ( Hons ) Radiographic Science.
    Diploma Cert Hyp CS in Hypnotherapy and Counselling skills.
    Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy
    Dip Cert L4 - Counselling ST
    Dip Cert L3 - Transactional Analysis
    Dip Cert L3 - Gestalt Therapy
    Dip Cert L4 - Mst Practitioner NLP
    CPD - certificate in Suicide Prevention
    CPD - certificates in Trauma & PTSD in Adults & Children.
    CPD - certificates in Inner Child & Analytical Hypnotherapy.
    CPD - Diploma of Professional study - Hypnotherapy for Children.
    CPD - certificate in Counselling Clients On line.