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Serhan Avci

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP18-04829

Location: Glasgow

‘I have opened up about things in my life I have never shared with anyone, and I felt taken seriously, understood and most importantly heard’

‘Serhan has helped me deal with everything from break-ups to my work life’

‘Professional, Considerate, Down-to-earth and Thoughtful’

These are but a few quotes and sentiments from my past and current clients I endeavour to progress within my practice. I want to help you to grow, develop, and to evolve in a way and pace that suits you. Clients have reflected on my patience, empathy, respect, understanding and willingness to adapt to their individual needs; whether that be the tools and techniques I impart, the advice and guidance I offer, or the approaches I utilise and combine to fit you; all to the betterment of your progress, and quality of service I can offer.

I am a fully trained Pluralistic Therapist and Hypnotherapist, with experience working in schools, to working with clients in the global therapeutic organisation BetterHelp, giving me experience with a plethora of ages (children to adults), and issues (Abuse, Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Grief, etc), different cultures & societies from all around the world (informing and developing my world-view, practice, and understanding of safety regulations and guidelines), and, working through a variety of session time-periods (short-term to long-term work).
I work by focusing on individual approaches and needs, adapting and combining approaches holistically (an understanding that everything within us is connected, and how one component of ourselves can affect another) from CBT, Person-Centred, to Psychodynamic, and Hypnotherapy, all the whilst connecting with clients through a variety of means; face-to-face, phone call, messaging and online video. Furthermore, I worked with clients through the Pandemic and Lockdown itself, allowing me to be more versed in this area, adaptable, and confident in my ability as we all experienced and presently endure that uniquely difficult and challenging time.

Through this I have learnt to be more personable, more human and more open with my clients; it was Freud who stated it was better to stay neutral and detached as a therapist, and although that may have some merit or function for some, within my practice I believe it is more effective to work together as two authentic and open humans; I practice the more modern and developed form of therapy as a ‘Lived-in Therapist’ or ‘Wounded Healer’, meaning that if relevant, I aim to bring my own experiences and what I have learnt from them to our sessions, to better your growth, our therapeutic relationship, and to ultimately empower you through all the means that I have.

I believe the choice and search for our own betterment or aid is a beautiful, brave and admirable journey, whilst also not always an easy one, and to remind you that by simply clicking here, beginning your search and investing time into your therapeutic aid is already a strong step. I hope you find what you are looking for, and, at whatever stage your journey may be, to be of help, ease and guidance to yourself.

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapeutic Counselling Skills Level 5.

    I am trained as a Pluralistic, Holistic Therapist and Hypnotherapist; giving me a range of approaches and tools to utilise in my approach to each client, based on their individual needs.
    Furthermore, I am what they would call a 'Lived-in' therapist, meaning I try to bring my own experiences into the therapeutic practice to better inform and guide my clients as well as develop the therapeutic relationship.