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Paul Probert

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP18-05078

Location: Daventry

I am a Certified (MHS Registrant), Insured and DBS checked Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Mindfulness and Health Coach based in Northamptonshire.

Health Coaching - Weight Loss

Through the use of CBT techniques and Hypnotherapy, I can support changing the behaviours that often lead to weight gain, this includes sugar addiction.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy can also help with achieving a more active lifestyle.

The use of 'Virtual Gastric Banding' in Hypnotherapy is growing in popularity; this is a service I can offer.

Health Coaching - Returning to work

Following the Pandemic, you may have found that you are finding challenges, both physically and emotionally in your return to work. Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching has the potential to help you build your confidence and return to work.

Health & Wellbeing - Pain Management

Mind-body therapies like hypnotherapy can help manage related symptoms and help change the way you manage pain. Using ‘Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching’ can help improve independence and give you the tools to help cope with the emotional implications that sometimes arise with Chronic Pain.

I can coach you to learn the following techniques:

*Progressive muscle relaxation - This technique involves tensing and relaxing muscle groups. This helps the participant recognise the difference between tension and relaxation, which in turn relaxes the body.

*Breathing techniques - Breathing techniques are designed to teach people how to use their breath to relax and reduce stress.

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner - Cert. Hyp. CS; MHS Registrant.

    Diploma in Counselling Skills & Theory (Level 4) - Dip. C.S.T.

    CBT and ILM Stress Management Diploma.

    CPD Courses: Pain Management Diploma; Hypno-Gastric Banding; Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction for Health Professionals.