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Mr Owen Toner

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP19-05739

Location: Southampton

I’m a qualified and registerd hypnotherapist, partner, ex-teacher and animal lover. I enjoy talking, films, Agatha Christie, Fleetwood Mac and meeting people from all walks of life but most of all, I am someone who loves helping and supporting people.

As a former teacher and mental health advocate I have learned that everyone has times in their lives when they feel stressed, anxious and scared and need help.

My life has not been without its pressures so I know how it can feel. I have worked and studied hard to Post Graduate level. I have dealt with unemployment, financial difficulties, exam stress, workload stess, working shifts, discrimination, moving across country and setting up my own business, but all of this just means I have learnt to cope well and build my resilience, a resilinece that I can share with you.

The first step is identifying and admitting that there is a problem, then seeking support.

Choosing the right person to speak to might seem challenging but sharing the problem is the only way to move forward and make that change.

When I suffered from stress and anxiety, I first had to make time in my busy schedule to go to the doctor. I was recognising the signs in myself of depression. This first step led to months of support and work until I realised that all I needed to do was slow down. Take a breath, acknowledge the pressure and take time for myself.

Now contacting someone like me can be easier through online connections and I will talk to you online or come to you.