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Yasmin Inquieti

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP19-06053

Location: Derby

I am a fully insured clinical hypnotherapist with counselling skills focusing on health and wellbeing. I am passionate about helping people in many areas and empowering clients to find peace, calm and clarity through guided therapy.

With the use of Hypnotherapy, I will work with you to enable positive change in a safe and calm environment by removing emotional and physical stresses through engaging and relaxing therapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapeutic tool which allows a deep state of relaxation and the gentle power of suggestion to make changes for the better and allow you to move forward.

Many clients report an immediate change in mindset following a session and in many areas such as: Anxiety, Stress, Pain Control, Overthinking, Habits, Fears, Phobias, Self Esteem and Confidence.

Take back the control today and live your best life!

Please contact me for a consultation or further enquiry.

Wishing you love and light