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Amy Cooper

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP21-00120

Location: Witham

Do you want to feel good being you, the unique and authentic you?

I offer Hypnotherapy from my private practice in Witham, close to bus and railway stations. My therapy space is safe, calm, confidential and non-judgemental so you can explore what is bothering you.

I can help you with relaxation, boosting your self-esteem and confidence or something in particular you are worrying about right now, such as exams, public speaking etc.

I can also help you with weight management, quitting smoking or finally kicking another habit you have.

It might be that you have a phobia or some pain that is holding you back.

I can also work with addictions, regression and am fully trained in hypnobirthing.

I can help with any of the above and more to help you to feel good being you, the unique and authentic you.

I am a natural empath and have strong ethical principles and professional standards.

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of consciousness where deep relaxation is reached so that there is a heightened focus and concentration. Acceptable beneficial suggestions can then be accepted in the subconscious mind to facilitate positive change and well-being allowing you to live your life feeling good, being the unique and authentic you, without resistance from the conscious critical faculty (the conscious side of the brain).

Once in a relaxed state I will use the power of your own imagination through using story telling, metaphors or symbolism to create positive change, allowing you to feel good being you. The sessions will be goal oriented, allowing you to focus internally, creating new patterns of thinking and behaviours.

Please contact me to explore how hypnotherapy can help you today.