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Paul Northcott

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP22-00597

Location: Penzance

I'm a huge believer in human potential and the capacity of everybody to achieve worthwhile gains. A maxim of my service is 'against all odds', for no matter the nature of one's situation there'll be something, somewhere, that can meaningfully help. That something could be me, or other therapists/helpers, or things entirely different. Never give up!

This attitude reflects my own character and, indeed, life journey. Yes, I've loads of experience and qualifications. Besides such credentials, though, I'm proudly different: a rebel at heart who brings to bear that spirit of resistance to an undesired status quo, and perseverance for obtaining a state which may seem so far away.

My specialist areas of help-provision are for:

-Confidence & self-esteem.

-Depression & anxiety.

-Psychosexual matters.

The orientation of the help will be to assist you to further help and serve yourself. Our sessions will be a safe and kindly space where your agency - your ability, however currently unused, to effect change - is a focus.

I acutely appreciate the challenge for people of reaching out for professional help, especially in these realms. I enormously respect clients for doing so. From our very first interaction I'll do all I can to maximise your comfort. And throughout our time together, you'll enjoy sensitivity, compassion, and warmth from me.

I usually provide my main therapy sessions online, through video calls. I can't promise that any apprehensions you have about 'having help' will soon melt when a call begins; but I'd like to nearly promise!

Thank you for reading my profile here. As needed, please do keep looking beyond this, for what may bring welcome change.

If you're interested, please also check out my website - - for more about myself and my work, and about how I consider each and every client a supremely special sovereign being.

  • Qualifications & Experience
    PhD, Psychology (Psychotherapy & Hypnosis).
    Professional Certificate (Level 7) in Psychosexual Therapy.
    PGDip Counselling & Psychotherapy.
    BSc Hons (First Class), Psychology.
    MSc (Distinction), Information Systems.

    Formally practising since 1995.