Sacha-Marie Crone | Registrant… | National Hypnotherapy Society

Sacha-Marie Crone

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP22-00996

Location: Dartford

I am really passionate about helping you reach your goals and reaching your potential, especially is something is blocking you from achieving all you deserve. I understand how daunting it can feel reaching out, so please don't hesitate to get in touch and chat with me about what you feel you need support with.

I am a qualified emotional intelligence coach and have specialised in performance and motivation, along with leadership coaching for many years which brings a unique approach to how I work with clients.

I can work with you on the following:
Motivation and Performance
Fears & Phobias
Inner Child & Regression
Weight Management
Habit changes

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Introduction to Counselling skills
    Level 2 in Counselling Skills
    Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources