Fernanda Prado | Registrant… | National Hypnotherapy Society

Fernanda Prado

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP23-00560

Location: Bromley

Fernanda is a respected and experienced hypnotherapist who has been practicing since 2016. Over the years, they have helped numerous clients overcome various issues, establishing themselves as an authority in the field of hypnotherapy.

In addition to being a skilled hypnotherapist, Fernanda is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. This expertise in NLP techniques enhances her ability to assist clients in breaking free from limiting beliefs and achieving positive change.

Furthermore, Fernanda is a certified ThetaHealer and Pranic Healer, having undergone comprehensive training in these healing modalities. These certifications demonstrate her commitment to holistic well-being and her dedication to offering clients a diverse range of effective healing techniques.

Passionate about helping clients free themselves from limiting beliefs and traumas, Fernanda creates a safe and nurturing environment for exploration of the subconscious mind. Her unique combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, ThetaHealing, and Pranic Healing allows for profound healing and transformation.

Fernanda is not only dedicated to their private practice but also to education and sharing knowledge. She has conducted workshops, seminars, and training programs to empower individuals in harnessing the power of their subconscious minds.

Furthermore, Fernanda has volunteered her time and expertise at Paul's Cancer Support Centre, where she contributed to a hypnotherapy program for cancer patients. This experience showcases their compassion and commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those facing challenging circumstances.

With Fernanda's extensive experience, diverse skill set, and genuine passion for helping others, she is a trusted authority in the field of hypnotherapy and holistic healing. Her personalized approach ensures that clients receive comprehensive care, leading to deep and lasting transformation.