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Maria Pareo

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: HYP23-00931

Location: Brighton

Hi, I am Maria.

I am a Coach and Hypnotherapist. I help you develop self-awareness and feel more empowered and in control of your emotions and life.

My work focuses on identifying limiting beliefs and preconceived notions that stop you from achieving your goals. I also help you release toxic emotions, make effective changes, and create new perspectives.

I employ a range of powerful tools in my practice, including Regression, Inner Child Work, and Parts Therapy.

  • Qualifications & Experience

    Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills 
    Holistic Counselling Skills, Soul Plan and Life Coaching  
    Level 3 teacher training awards in education and training
    Level 3 Physiology and Pathology diploma
    Reiki Level 1/2
    Egyptian/Essene Therapies 


    I have been helping clients internationally since 2015, working through intense emotions, inner resistances, grief, painful memories and limiting beliefs while addressing personal and relational needs.

    I provide a supportive space to help you overcome and heal adverse childhood experiences and relationships with parents, relatives, partners, money and yourself, identifying toxic emotions, behaviours and patterns.
  • Languages Spoken
    • Italian
    • English