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Dr Janet Tomlin

Member Status: Registrant

Member No: JT00P813

Location: Sheffield

I specialise in the use of hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Combining my extensive knowledge and interest in gastrointestinal physiology with my training and experience in hypnotherapy, I have a unique set of skills to help people with I.B.S.. I am professional, down to earth, caring and compassionate and have been in continuous practice since 2007.

I trained in Hypnotherapy in 2005-6 on a course accredited by the Medical Hypnotherapy Examinations Board specifically to help people with IBS. I have since gained a Certificate in 'Working with IBS' issued by The Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis,a Certificate of 'Continuing Development in Hypnotherapy and IBS' issued by Central England College and a Certificate in 'The Successful Treatment of IBS with Hypnotherapy' from The National Hypnotherapy Society. I use both gut-directed and gut-specific hypnotherapy and I recently attended a course on Mindfulness to learn another way to help people with IBS improve their ability to relax and develop coping strategies.

Earlier on in my career I did physiological assessments as part of the treatment of patients with bowel problems in NHS hospitals for 12 years. Before this I was a research scientist at the University of Sheffield and my areas of interest were gastroenterology and aspects of nutrition related to the bowels.

Hypnotherapy improves the misery of I.B.S. in a number of ways. Hypnosis promotes relaxation and reduces everyday stress, which is usually beneficial. Many people find their I.B.S. flares up when they feel tense or stressed and learning better coping mechanisms can help ameliorate this. It can also alter the way gut pain is perceived by the brain and help you to feel in control of your illness and find new ways to respond to your symptoms.

Current NICE guidelines (2008) state "Hypnotherapy should be considered for patients with IBS diagnosed for more than 12 months duration."

I am committed to help you as swiftly and effectively as possible. Progress is continually assessed and only necessary sessions will be recommended.

I am also experienced and successful in helping with people with insomnia, dealing with phobias, changing eating patterns to help weight loss and stopping smoking, as well as stress reduction and general relaxation.

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
    Certificate in Working with IBS (Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis) Certificate in IBS and it's successful treatment with Hypnotherapy (Central England College)
    Certificate in Hypnotherapy for IBS (National Hypnotherapy Society)
    BSc Physiology, PhD (University of Sheffield)