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Lady Louisa Andreas

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Location: Braintree

I have been a Hypnotherapist for over 8 years as well as a Psychotherapist. My journey has been a very rich one being invited into so many peoples lives for so many different reasons.In the past working for Mind on Trust Line is one, helping 1000's of people young and matured.In my own practice I have encouraged Professional dart players with the famous "dartitus", to people wanting to become a non smoker. The Virtual Gastric Band for weight control is another. Anxiety and stress are everyday visitors from many different backgrounds and reasons. The virtual Gastric band is a fantastic way forward for a lot of people male and female, to take control of their weight and change their life around for good. Dealing with the root cause to the situation through Hypnotherapy, to progressing onto relationships with food. This gives an understanding of where you are, but giving you the tools to take the shackles off self torment and go forward with a new way of thinking and a strong mind set. My clients have lost between 9 stone and three. As did the lady featured in the Picture who kindly gave me her consent.
If you need guidance and a way forward, then call me for a light at the end of that tunnel. Come Join Me