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Sarah Brambleby

Member Status: Accredited

Member No: SB00P0799

Location: Princes Risborough

I use an integrative approach with Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Havening Techniques®, BWRT®, CBT, Mindfulness and Coaching in a safe and friendly non-judgemental therapeutic environment.

A trauma-informed therapist understands the adverse impacts of trauma, life experiences and distressing memories. We can more easily recognise the signs and symptoms and treat using a compassionate approach, which minimises re-traumatisation. My approach is compassionate, caring, supportive with some psycho-education and self help tools to assist you with your every day life.

  • Qualifications & Experience
    Qualified as a Hypnotherapist
    Qualified as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor
    Qualified Advanced Counselling skills course (distinction)
    Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner
    Certified BWRT® Practitioner
    Practical Analysis & Regression Diploma
    Clinical Supervisor (Approved)
    Trauma Informed Supervisor

    Advanced Training and CPD:
    Anxiety Masterclass Hypnotherapy Cognitive Behaviour
    Advanced Hypno-birthing
    Hypnotherapy Conference
    Cancer Diet & Hypnosis
    Louise Baker - hypnotherapy practitioner's course for brain cancer and the BrainTrust
    AICTP - Member of Association of Integrative Coach -Therapist Professionals.
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Hypnotherapy MasterClass
    Advanced Regression Techniques
    Reiki - Stage One
    Dying to know (General course on Death & Dying)
    Psychogenic Pain Control (Hypnotherapy & CBT)
    Personal Presence - Developing Confidence & Self
    Sokalmia® Sensory Overloaded Kinesthetic Auditory Linguistic Mindfulness In Action.
    Applied EFT Practitioners. Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping technique).
    MHS - Advanced Weightloss Techniques
    Stop Smoking techniques
    BWRT - BrainWorking Recursive Therapy - Level 1
    General Anxiety Disorder
    Warriors Settlers & Nomads
    Broadband for the Brain
    The Placebo Diet for Practitioners - Janet Thomson
    Relationship Repair
    Serious work for Serious Issues
    BWRT Level 2 training working towards certification
    Coaching - MAGIC
    Psychosexual Dysfunction Diploma (in progress)
    Smashing Depression
    BWRT Level 3 – working towards certification in Psychophysiology (mind and body)
    Conscious Analytical Therapy – or CAT
    SymbioDynamics® personal coaching
    Brief Interventions
    Cruse Bereavement Care – Loss and Bereavement Advanced Skills
    The Neuroscience Academy – Dr Sarah McKay – An accredited, professional-development program in applied neuroscience and brain health.
    Terence Watts – BWRT You Protocol – Level 2
    Terence Watts – BWRT Deep Mind Protocol
    Terence Watts – BWRT Abolishing Anxiety
    Terence Watts – BWRT Defusing Depression
    Terence Watts – Gold Standard Therapist
    Terence Watts – LifeMapper SymbioDynamics® personal coaching
    Terence Watts – BWRT Banishing Fertility Problems & Improving Self Worth Protocols
    Terence Watts – Warrior Settler & Nomad Level 3
    Terence Watts – BWRT Reptilian Magic Expanded
    John Cinderey – Essex Institute CAT course refresh
    Emm-tech short course Emergency Muscle Management
    Mental Health First Aid 2 day course (MHFA) – Ali Johnson
    BWRT Griefbuster protocol for traumatic/complicated or ordinary Grief
    Terence Watts – Ageing Unplugged (Coaching for ageing)
    Professor Paul Grantham SDS – Essential Supervision Skills (BPS Approved Certificate in Clinical Supervision)
    David Kessler on Grief & Grieving: Finding Comfort after Death, Divorce, and Betrayal
    Holly Wincote – Hypnotherapy for Depression Certificate
    Terence Watts – BWRT Major Life Reset
    NICABM – The Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma
    Holly Wincote – Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders
    Professor Andrew Reeves – The challenges of supervising risks in Counselling and Psychotherapy
    Professor Windy Dryden – Single Session Therapy: Help at a point of need.
    Kate Robillard-Day – Working with Suicide and Suicidal Ideation
    Holly Wincote – Pain Management Hypnotherapy
    Nscience Christine Sanderson – Becoming a Trauma-Informed Supervisor: The Role of Trauma in Supervision
    Martin J Smith – Time perspective and timeline applications in therapy and coaching
    Nscience Silva Neves – Gender Identities & Sexual Orientations: A Contemporary Understanding of Sexology
    TADF – Training Master Class in Race, Culture & Intersectional Therapeutic Practice (RC&I)
    Dr Kate Truitt – Enhancing Eating Disorder Treatment with Havening Technique
    Nscience Christine Sanderson – Wading Through Mud: Fragmented Minds, Dissociation and Psychosis
    KRD Training – Working with Self-Harm and Self-Sabotage
    Nscience Babette Rothschild – Revolutionising Trauma Therapy: Expanding Therapy Options and Tools for Therapists and their Clients
    Clinical Supervision – 6 days comprehensive training – working towards a diploma incl. 4 more days training.
    Dr. Dan Siegel’s Comprehensive Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) Course – Ongoing
    MindBody Breakthrough Wale Oladipo – Understanding & Treating Complex PTSD