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Terms and Conditions

National Hypnotherapy Society (HS) Registrants working with the Hypnotherapy for Key Workers programme agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid out below alongside the Society’s Code of Ethics and terms of membership.

These terms and conditions will need to be agreed to before you see any Key Worker clients and before your listing is updated for potential Key Worker clients to find you on the register.

  1. I agree to provide a free assessment to all Key Worker clients. (This will either be over the phone or online. Face to face working is currently not advised keeping in mind the current public health crisis.)
  2. I agree to a discretionary reduced fee per session when working with Key Worker clients. This rate will apply to at least the first 8 sessions. Any change in session price after the first 8 sessions will need to be explained to the client and agreed from the outset.
  3. I agree to manage session payments and contracts with clients directly – I understand that the HS are not responsible for session payments.
  4. I will check that any potential clients are considered Key Workers as per the current Government guidance available here.
  5. When requested by the HS, I agree to supply anonymised information about any Key Worker clients e.g. main reason for seeking counselling, age range, gender etc. The HS can conduct anonymised surveys and ask for anonymised data at any time (please note that any anonymised data requested will not compromise client confidentially/indicate a client’s identity in any way).
  6. I agree to inform the HS if I no longer wish to work with Key Worker clients and understand that I will no longer be visible to those using the Key Workers Hypnotherapy filter on the HS register.

By setting your profile to display that you are working with the Hypnotherapy for Key Workers programme and acknowledge and agree to abide by the above terms and conditions.

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