On this page we give the minutes of Society Council meetings.

Society Policy on Redaction (Editing) our Public Minutes

In our commitment to making our Society Council meeting minutes available to the public, we sometimes have to redact (i.e. “blank out”) some items. Where this is done, this will show up in the public version of our minutes as blocks of colour.

Members of the public will therefore not be able to see the proportion of minutes which are kept private after our meetings.

Our criteria for redacting our minutes are as follows:

  • If the need to retain confidentiality (e.g. of a client making a complaint, or of a registrant who is subject to a complaint which proves unfounded) outweighs the duty to disclose the information to the public.
  • If the information relates to the strategy, goals or projects of the Society and releasing this information would undermine the Society’s activities.