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Professional Conduct Committee

The professional conduct committee oversees the Society’s role in responding to all concerns and complaints made against members of the Society. They review all complaints and oversee and advise on how each case will be handled.

As well as fulfilling the role of handling specific complaints they will also report to the Society Council about any related issues that may be of relevance to Society policies and procedures – thus ensuring the NCS has a constantly evolving approach to all issues relating to public safety.

The professional conduct committee will meet as required in response to concerns or complaints.


  • Kate Mahoney

Professional Conduct Officer:

  • Rachael King

Ex officio:

  • Professional Conduct Officer

Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee will review and update the Society’s internal processes and procedures where professional standards are concerned and maintain an awareness of all external issues that may impact upon the profession of hypnotherapy. They will review training provider applications and review any queries relating to individual membership applications as needed. They will advise on:

  • Policy and procedures of applications
  • Individual member’s audits
  • Training school audits
  • Government and regulation issues
  • Relations with other professional associations


  • Kate Mahoney, Head of Professional Standards


  • Lindsey Cooper, University of Nottingham
  • Karen Ferguson (adviser on Hypnotherapy)
  • Kate Day

Lay Member:

  • Susan King

Independent Assessor

  • Dr Phillip Rees

The role of independent assessor is to review and report to the Chair and Chief Executive of the Society on matters of Society Audit and Governance.

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