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Men are more likely to blame work for mental health problems than women, according to a new report.

32% of men with poor mental health said work was responsible for their illness, compared to just 14% of women.

Charity Mind surveyed 15,000 people across the UK about the impact of their workplace. 30 organisations across the UK took part including Jaguar Land Rover, PepsiCo, Deloitte and Barnardo's.

Only 29% of men surveyed said they'd taken time off work due to mental health issues, compared to 43% of women. The survey also found that men were less likely to do anything about problems when they came up.

Mind's findings suggest that a "macho" work environment may contribute to poor mental health for many men. Men just don't talk and we need to and it is about breaking down that stigma.

Mind says it has seen employers "come on leaps and bounds" in recent years but that its recent survey shows there is still much more work to do. "Employers do need to recognise the different approaches they may need to adopt in how they address mental health in the workplace," says Emma Mamo, Mind's Head of Workplace Wellbeing.

Of the respondents 47% were men, 49% women and the rest preferred not to specify.